Paint Dharavi Project

Sharing Rouble Nagi Art Foundation's new initiative, you would be happy to know that a pilot project has already started along with the help of few other NGO's, it is still in the initial stages though. A CSR programme for the same will be started shortly.

Project synopsis:

Our project aims to provide an opportunity for people to transform their own neighbourhood from a place seen as negative into a place that is able to communicate its creativity, beauty and innovation to the outside world through art.”- Rouble Nagi

I have kickstarted a slum painting project where we paint the Roofs of one of the biggest slum in the city (Asia). We have decided to go big and paint the Roof of every building in Dharavi n a few other slums. Not only the overlook will change, the initiative gets employment opportunities to young boys and girls of the slum to be a part of this project. I hope to accomplish a happy and colorful makeover that will bring a significant difference to the neighbourhood and the city.
This Initiative carries a message of hope for a brighter tomorrow, As an artist I wish to create a beautiful ariel sight of Asia’s largest slum, We have launched “Paint Dharavi” campaign in Mumbai under my NGO Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, one of the largest unplanned communities in Mumbai,with a population close to a million inhabitants and a sprawling area of about 500 acres.The Concept of the initiative aims at painting the city and offering a makeover to the general outlook of where one lives, where buildings are usually left without without a finish layer of plaster and paint, resulting in jungles of concrete and red bricks.
I have attached a before and after arial shot of Dharavi, as you can see in the image the Roof of the hutments are brown and dirty. Its the most visible sight when an aircraft is landing in the city. I propose to paint all the Roofs of the slum, with the involvement of the communities living there.

This will look like a giant canvas from the sky. For any further information pls email us on :